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Sensors help warehouses save energy, and realize intelligent management
According to British media reports, over 13,000 sensors used in a warehouse by a retailer in Hertfordshire in the east of England have slashed energy costs.
South Korean media: South Korea’s flexible OLED market share is expected to be overtaken by China within 5 years
Chinese TV set manufacturers including TCL, Hisense, Haier, and Konka showcased their admirable high-end display products at this year’s CES. Korean manufacturers feel great pressure from the rapid progress of Chinese manufacturers.
Carry forward the red gene and pursue the truth - Party member study of CPC HC SemiTek Branch in May
Zhejiang is a place where the Chinese revolutionary red boat set sail, and reform and opening up were initiated, and also an important birthplace of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. As a saying goes, waterfront towers are the first to catch the moon. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, CPC HC SemiTek Branch and HC SemiTek “concentric circle” organized the event: “Pursue the Truth – Visit the Former Residence of Chen Wangdao to trace his ideological thoughts”.
HC SemiTek Limited, Suzhou pollutant discharge, pollution prevention, facility operation and monitoring
HC SemiTek Limited, Suzhou pollutant discharge, pollution prevention, facility operation and monitoring
Wireless control network transforms London into a “smart city”
It is reported that a wireless control network consisting of 15,000 lamps transforms London into a “smart city.”
BOE stops investing in LCD production lines and will launch new Mini LED backlight products next year
According to Today Report, Chen Yanshun, Chairman of BOE, said in an interview that BOE is developing Mini LED technology and Micro LED technology. He thinks that Mini LED technology will see explosive growth in two to three years to come and represents the future direction of the panel industry. Next year, BOE will launch Mini LED backlight products with glass substrates.
Xiaomi announces: TV 5 will be equipped with 4K quantum dot display
Xiaomi announced on October 28 that the new Xiaomi TV 5 will have quantum leap in picture quality and more unexpected surprises. It was officially released on November 5. What does “quantum leap in picture quality” mean? Xiaomi gave the answer today.
First stadium uses Li-Fi to provide fast, secure, and reliable Internet connectivity
It is reported that Li-Fi (Visible light wireless communication technology) is installed at the Volkspark stadium of Bundesliga club HSV, making it the world’s first football club to adopt Li-Fi. Journalists can have Internet access using this new wireless communication method in their news center.
Indian Parliament House is equipped with new LED lighting for 73rd Independence Day
According to Indian media reports, India celebrates its 73rd Independence Day on August 15, 2019. On the eve of this date, the exterior of the Parliament House was installed with new LED permanent lamps, giving a sense of new atmosphere and aesthetics to the Parliament House. At that time, the Indian Prime Minister Modi will appear at the opening ceremony at about 7.15 p.m. on Tuesday. Speakers of the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha, Cabinet ministers and members of Parliament attended the event.
Single-layer OLED developed by German researchers significantly cut production costs
It is reported that Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research has developed a prototype of single-layer OLED, indicating that the manufacturing cost may be slashed compared to stacked OLED.
Scientists found new perovskite materials, which may enhance solar conversion efficiency
Most of solar products on the market cannot absorb infrared light with a long wavelength, and there is much room for improvement in conversion efficiency. American scientists discovered a new perovskite material. Solar cells may be able to capture infrared light that accounts for 47% of the spectrum in the future, further enhancing the conversion efficiency.
Argentine capital becomes the first Latin American city to achieve city-wide coverage of LED lighting
According to local media reports, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, completed the energy-saving renovation project for public place lighting in the city early this month, becoming the first Latin American city to use energy-saving LED lamps for municipal lighting.
Samsung launches “The Wall” Micro LED modular display
Yesterday, Samsung Electronics announced that Samsung’s “The Wall Luxury” custom modular Micro LED display debuts at the 2019 InfoComm in Orlando, Florida.
LED industry expected to bottom out with “dual drive” of new technology and new demand
The overall market demand growth slowing down, the new capacity quickly released, and the inventory cleared... Under so many factors, a number of LED industry chain companies experienced a decline in performance in 2018. What is the trend of the LED industry in 2019? Where are the investment opportunities in the industry chain?
New progress in infrared up-conversion imaging, realizing field enhancement of images
CAS Key Laboratory of Quantum Information, USTC, led by academician GUO Guangcan, has achieved new progress in up-conversion image detection. Prof. SHI Baosen, Associate Prof. ZHOU Zhiyuan and their collaborators firstly realize up-conversion phase-contrast image based on sum frequency generation in a quasi-phase matching nonlinear crystal. They also demonstrate the field of view enhancement in the up-conversion process by changing the phase matching condition. The main results have been published on Physical Review Applied [Phys. Rev. Appl., 11, 044013(2019)]. The present image technique will be very promising in biological imaging, pattern recognition and infrared remote sensing.
The State releases four lighting industry related standards, covering vehicle lighting and road lighting
On April 4, 2019, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the Standardization Administration of PRC approved and issued 21 national standards including the Photometric Characteristics of Daytime Running Lamps for Motor Vehicles. Among them, there are 4 standards related to the lighting industry.
LEDinside: The Output value of the UV LED market to reach 991 million US dollars in 2023
According to the 2019 Deep UV LED Application Market Report: Sterilization, purification, and water treatment market released by LEDinside recently, due to the global economic downturn, LED manufacturers’ revenue in 2018 failed to achieve the expected explosive growth, but still increased stably. Looking into the future demand of the application market, in addition to the stable growth of the curing market, surface/air sterilization, static water sterilization, and mobile water sterilization will be the main momentum. It is estimated that the output value of the UV LED market will reach 991 million US dollars in 2023.
Apple’s Mini LED Backlight New Products to Be Gradually Launched in Q2 This Year
Apple’s new Mini LED products have progress. Analysts estimate that from the second quarter of this year, Apple’s new stand-alone display will adopt the Mini LED architecture; from the fourth quarter of 2020, the iPads and MacBooks with Mini LED are expected to be unveiled.
Well-designed Lighting Increases Milk Production in Cows: Research
It is reported that some studies have found that well-design lighting can increase milk production by 6%-10%.
From September, Street Lamps in Malaysia to Be Gradually Replaced with LED Lamps, Saving 50% Power
Zuraida binti Kamaruddin, Minister of Housing and Local Government of the Republic of Malaysia, announced that since September, the country’s street lamps would be gradually replaced with LED bulbs to save 50% of the power.
New Technology Discovered: Blue Light Can Effectively Weaken Super Bacteria MRSA
New Technology Discovered: Blue Light Can Effectively Weaken Super Bacteria MRSA
Intelligent Lighting in a Northern Australian City to Reduces Energy Consumption and Costs
It is reported that recently, Darwin in northern Australia is about to adopt a smart street lighting system throughout the city, replacing nearly 10,000 lamps on streets and the public lighting network with wirelessly connected LEDs.
A British Town Saves £1 Million a Year after Replacing with LED Street Lamps
It is reported that Wigan, a town in northwest England, completed a streetlamp replacement program last year. More than 36,500 LED lights were installed in the road network, saving the town government 1 million pounds (about RMB 8.85 million) per year, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.